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Multi-Function Bluetooth Eye Therapy And Massaging Device

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Looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate your tired eyes after a long day? Look no further than SE's Multi-Function Bluetooth Eye Therapy and Massage Device! This incredible device is equipped with a variety of amazing features, including a 42-degree hot compress, built-in music function with Bluetooth, multiple frequency vibration massage, and one key operation.


With its double pressure and 180° folding feature, this eye massager provides a strong and effective air pressure massage, perfect for relaxing your eyes and reducing the look and feel of fatigue. Plus, the device's 1200mAH internal battery ensures that you can use it again and again, no matter where you go.


The device's 4-mode system offers a wide range of massage and music options, so you can customize your experience to suit your individual preferences. And thanks to its premium natural velvet fabric and nose design, this device is as comfortable as it is effective.


Whether you're a student, office worker, driver, or anyone else who spends a lot of time looking at screens, SE's Multi-Function Bluetooth Eye Therapy and Massage Device is the perfect solution for tired, overworked eyes. So why wait? Indulge in a little self-care with this massaging eye therapy device today!

Eye Massaging Device

Principle of Operation:


Medical books have recorded numerous acupuncture points around the eyes that aid in relieving eye strain, fatigue, and soreness caused by frequent rubbing, blinking, and prolonged use. By properly massaging the skin around the eyes and temples, one can achieve the effect of relaxing and soothing the eyes. This is where the Eye Massager comes in - simulating the "push-squeeze-pinch-push" massage technique around the eyes and temples, while adding a hot compress feature to help ease eye fatigue. Coupled with Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music, this device helps get rid of the day's stress.


More Benefits And Advantages?


Featuring a double-layer circulation airbag massage to stimulate acupressure points, our Eye Massager has an easy-to-use, smart, and stylish key digital display. Made from premium natural velvet fabric, it's not only comfortable but also breathable. The 180-degree folding design makes it easy to carry, and the nose design follows ergonomic principles. 


In addition to the Eye Massager's wireless Bluetooth connectivity feature that enables you to listen to music while it gently massages your eyes, it also features a "far-infrared" constant temperature hot compress feature, coupled with multi-frequency vibration massage, effectively massaging and quickly relaxing eye muscles. Made from high-quality materials, the Eye Massager's elastic headband allows for free movement, making it suitable for adults and children.


Our device's shell is made from tough ABS material, making it strong and resistant to falling. Nine independent inner airbags offer more precise massage, distributing multi-segment bionic massage to the eye muscles. The Eye Massager produces approximately 50 multi-frequency vibrations per second, which effectively soothe tired eye muscles. With a 12000MAH battery capacity, it can last for 7-10 uses depending on usage conditions. The one-button control mode loop has four massage modes, making it an easy-to-use design for the elderly and children alike.


When was the last time you took good care of your eyes? Frequent blinking causes eye fatigue, soreness, dry eyes, dark circles, and eye bags. This Eye Massager from The Supplementary Exchange provides a comfortable eye massage for those who struggle with these symptoms. With just 15 minutes of music massage every day, our device can soothe your eyes at the end of a stressful workday. 


Our Eye Massager is suitable for primary and middle school students, myopic individuals, people suffering from brain stress, duress and mental overload.



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