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Is It Possible to Recover From Diabetes?


Diabetes: Differing Solutions

There are some complexities when it comes to the subject of Diabetes, but that isn’t because Diabetes is necessarily a complex issue. In fact, most solutions for Diabetes are usually simple. For example, the most common solution goes, ‘Take-a-doctor-prescribed-Diabetes-medication-forever-and-hope-your-best-things-stay-the-same-and-don’t-get-worse’’. Another goes, ‘Make-the-right-changes-and-maybe-you’ll-get-a-little-better-but-it's-hardly-worth-the-effort'. Unfortunately, like many other things in life, the truth about Diabetes is often so contested that people give up on the idea that they have the power to solve or cure their Diabetes, so they end up reverting to the status quo of taking a pill (like Metformin) and continuing with an understanding that often doesn't offer the help they need, even though that help is available. 

Knowledge Is Power. Accurate Knowledge That Is.

Ok, we could probably all name a few things that can alleviate the onset of or even treat the condition of Diabetes, but unfortunately most people have too little of this kind of knowledge and a lot more of the peripheral sort of understanding, you know, health facts. Stuff like 'Diabetes-is-caused-by-hereditary-traits' or 'Cinnamon-may-help-reduce-blood-sugar-but-not-for-sure'. This kind of knowledge can be good, but it often lends to a kind of complacency that is just getting in the way of learning the more important information that is out there, such as new - and old - research which may have slipped past the public's radar in lieu of other mainstream therapies, like pharmaceutical drugs. For example, the work of the late Dr. Westin Price serves as a good example of available knowledge which is not as far reaching as it probably deserves be.

Also, people seem to resign themselves to ignorance about Diabetes because they see a reversal of the condition in a way overly associated with sacrifice, and seemingly never ending sacrifice at that. Self-treatment probably feels impossible for folks that don’t have the right mind-set, and the right mind-set is impossible without the right knowledge, such as certain particular hows and whys. This stands to reason, because many - or most - of the doctors out there don’t even know all the right answers, so how can their patients?! The result is that again people simply pput their faith in the idea that a never ending regimen of drugs or insulin is necessary - but that just isn't the case. Whatever the situation, it is important for folks not to fall into the pit of hopelessness about curing their condition, but instead to stay optimistic that things can work out favourably for them. Part of that is knowing what eating better really means, and as stated, the more important factors involve gaining a firm understanding of the reasons and methods involved in successful Diabetic reversal treatments, some which we discuss here in this article and elsewhere on this site.


A New Approach

When asked about these things, someone with Diabetes might not immediately believe their own personal outcome could be a complete reversal, but for the most part, that it not the case at all. Here is the important part: When people with Diabetes talk about eating healthier, they think about it from an negative perspective, a Diabetics perspective, where the word healthy means without joy. Yes, they picture heaps of freshly steamed broccoli without even a dash of salt and going to bed without dessert. Honestly, that does make life seem pretty bland, and really, boring is just not sustainable unless you are willing to give up your personal happiness - and who is willing to do THAT?! It would be better just to take a pill and hopefully make it all go away. But...the term “eating healthier” truly should be replaced with “eating smarter”...and there are good reasons for that. We don't have to "hate our food or else stay sick". We just have to approach things differently, because eating smarter also means eating can still be enjoyable, and that is the way eating is meant to be. 

As mentioned, we all know the standard things a person can do to help their situation, like avoiding processed foods and refined sugar. For a Diabetic, however, the internal response becomes "But doesn't that include almost everything I eat?" Sure, these temptations can seem hard to avoid, but research proves that there are dieting choices which soften the blow of giving up on those comfort foods while setting a new course for diabetic recovery, and that should be good news for anyone looking for that new lease on life.

What this is all leading up to is that now there is a new dimension to dieting which makes recovering from a diabetic condition even more favourable, without necessitating pills or prescription drugs.  It's just a matter of knowing a few foundational principles in order to overcome it. These are split into 2 groups, the first being more about the causes for Diabetes, and the second is what to do about it. For more information, click the following links:

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