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Colloidal Silver

What is Colloidal Silver?

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

What are Some of the Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

Tetrahedral Silver vs. Silver Hydrosol

What Is Colloidal Silver Used For?

What is Colloidal Silver?


Colloidal Silver is a solution of usually distilled or alkaline water with silver micro-particles suspended inside it. This state is called a colloid (latin for ‘glue’), meaning the silver particles will not fall to the bottom of the container due to gravity or filter out under normal circumstances; this is because the particles are electrically charged. A silver colloid can be housed in other substances besides water: Gel, for example, can be used instead. There are other forms of Colloidal Silver products with names like ionic silver, silver hydrosol and Structured Silver (aka Tetrahedral Silver), but they all bear the same fundamental qualities in that they employ the use of microscopic silver particles to destroy pathogens. However, due to the production methods employed, some have far greater intended benefit than others. This usually has to do with the size and shape of the microscopic particles. In the following paragraphs, unless mentioned, most of the discussion will not delineate between the particular names of the different forms of silver.

To define (or even put a name to) it has not always been easy, and Colloidal Silver as medicine has been targeted by certain groups as a form of quack science over the years, but if one looks at the body of research and evidence surrounding silver nano-particles, one can see that exactly the opposite is true: Science has indeed given us the reason to see the newly observed properties of microscopic silver also being worthy of the distinction of being called noble, as the periodic table has long defined it!

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

From a health benefits standpoint, the function of silver is derived from its atomic structure, more specifically the various “rings” of electrons which orbit the nucleus, of which the outer electron ring is the prime leveraging factor in destroying pathogens - and pathogens only. Don’t believe it? Read on. As mentioned, we see when observing an atomic model that there are various rings of electrons which orbit the silver nucleus, and each of the rings has a distinct number of electrons. We see that the innermost ring has 2, the second has 8, the third and fourth both have 18, and the fifth has 1. This may not mean anything to you, but what’s important is that the outer electron ring is magnetically out of balance, in other words it wants another electron in that ring in order to feel whole. Notice the other rings are all even numbers. This single electron, then, is naturally imbalanced and therefore the rule when coming into contact with a pathogen is that it must ‘steal’ an electron, destroying it in the process. The reason that this destroys pathogens is because pathogens have a cell wall which is 1 electron thick, therefore when the silver atom magnetically attracts that electron, it destroys the enemy’s cell wall in the process. 

What Is Colloidal Silver Used For?


Before the colloidal version of silver came along, silver already had a variety of medical uses and for many centuries had been known for its natural antimicrobial properties. Today, ongoing research has made colloidal silver a realistic alternative to many mainstream pathogenic treatments and has actually caused a resurgence in the popularity of silver in the medical field (not without more than a fair share of resistance). There has also been a rise in use among pet owners, particularly dog owners, and the practical applications of silver are steadily growing as technology advances and awareness increases. Soon, the mainstream medical may be forced to admit these truths and implement the great potential of silver colloids for the general public.

What are Some of the Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

A good colloidal silver product has an array of health benefits, usually because of its anti pathogenic properties, where foreign entities are killed or destroyed from a host body. Technically speaking, silver particles have been proven to safely kill over 600 known pathogens including fungi, bacteria and viruses. The way that silver particles destroy these microbes in many cases is by cutting off air supply, killing it in the process. In the case of microbes that do not use air to live (anaerobic), the silver particles can puncture cell membranes to disable them or kill them by disrupting various parts of the cell structure, its proteins or even its DNA structure.

    Health Benefits:
Food Poisoning: In cases where food poisoning has occurred, particularly E.Coli poisoning, Salmonella, Giardia Lamblia and others
Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
Skin Conditions
Shingles - myelin sheath silver receptors discovered that promote myelination
Tissue healing/Prevents scar tissue

Does Colloidal Silver have other benefits besides being anti-pathogenic?

Tetrahedral Silver vs. Silver Hydrosol

Possibly the most highly touted silver nano-product is Tetrahedral Silver, which cannot technically be called a colloid because of its microscopic crystalline structure, although it does exhibit the same fundamental characteristics as other nano-silver products, albeit more powerfully. Because of this structure, Tetrahedral Silver is considered by some experts to be a significant advancement in nano-silver technology. However, when taking into consideration the fact that the crystalline structure of tetrahedral silver breaks up so when it exits its native matrix of structured water, there is some doubt that it has any practical advantage over the widely acknowledged silver hydrosol. Although a given Tetrahedral product may indeed be superior, as claimed by its proponents, the overall popularity of the hydrosol product can be seen as a strong indicator of its superiority, at least with buying consumers. If you want to see for yourself, compare the ratings here and here. 

Nano-Particle Size Matters

Although the science behind structured nano-silver indicates greater potency, the deciding factor in the battle still seems to be the efficacy of small nano-particles over larger ones.

Is Colloidal Silver Considered Dangerous?

Generally speaking, colloidal silver does not pose any health risk to consumers and that is why the retail sale of silver as a health supplement is 100% legal. Facts show that with extremely rare exceptions, Colloidal Silver is not dangerous for topical use or for consumption-learning more about it is beneficial to ease any concerns and in choosing the best brand. 
Although the use of silver in mainstream medical applications has been contested with claims stating it lacks scientific merit or else that the microscopic silver particles may adversely be hazardous to health, these statements do not recognize or stand up to the facts put forth by many scientists and field researchers. Instead, fear mongering over extreme instances of overuse of bad products have resulted in much disinformation spread throughout the internet to the detriment of people everywhere. Some harp on the anomaly of the blue man. Others have now suggested that colloidal silver destroys the ‘good’ gut bacteria along with the bad, however this too is proven false as will be discussed next.

Can Colloidal Silver be harmful to ‘good’ gut bacteria or good human cells?

A silver atom naturally destroys a pathogenic microbe by stealing a crucial electron from its cell wall. However, this does not happen with beneficial gut flora or other good cells in the body. The reason for this is because good gut flora, such as Acidophilus, have a lipid, or fat layer which surrounds its cell wall and protects it from the destructive effect that silver has on pathogenic cells walls, meaning silver cannot access the cell wall that is surrounded by a fat layer in the same way because it functions in water, like pathogenic cells do, and since water naturally separates from oil, there are no interactions between the good cells and the silver. This holds true for any of the body’s natural living cells as well because they are all surrounded by a lipid layer. There is an exception to this however.hhhhhh

What is the best brand of Colloidal Silver to buy?

First of all, not all brands of colloidal Silver products are equal. This is because of important differences in the manufacturing process, and although most brands can offer some benefit, choosing a good brand of colloidal is important if you want to experience the full potential, and that begins with getting a close up look at the solution you are considering purchasing: the reason for this is that silver particles themselves vary in size and shape, which in turn affects the ability of the silver to destroy pathogens. The other important factor is the distribution of the silver particles over the solution: if they are evenly suspended throughout a solution, that is good, as opposed to some photos you might find of uneven particle distribution along with a large variety of sizes and large conglomerates or globs all stuck together in certain areas, which is bad. The best colloids, therefore, will display very fine particles distributed evenly across the field of view in photos under an electron microscope. This indicates high quality production and a properly structured solution, which will result in a highly effective product with a high kill rate. On the other hand, if the colloid has uneven suspension and or large particles or globs, what happens is the electron exchange which is central to the function of antimicrobial activity will not be fully present, leaving the job only partially done. That being said, here are a few suggestions of good silver brands which will guarantee high quality results:

Should Silver Products be Used Every Day?

Although many nano-silver experts say that taking silver everyday is beneficial (and it may well be), it is unlikely that using it everyday should be viewed as practical. Given that silver has traditionally been known for its antiseptic properties, the peripheral benefits that have been found, such as increases in cell energy after being incorporated into blood cells, do not line up enough with a common sense approach (ie. cost/benefit analyses) that silver should be taken everyday: given the way things are, it just doesn’t make sense to believe that in order to be healthiest, we would have to take a somewhat expensive supplement everyday for the rest of our lives.

Silver: Noble metal...or Nobility Metal?

One might argue that because health care is notoriously expensive, that good health should also be costly. However, let’s get real here: we all intuitively know that is just not true. Good health is not exclusive to the rich, but can be enjoyed by those in any income bracket. So why would we need to take something we can’t afford? We don’t! 
In conclusion, since days of old, silver has been known to be used mostly by the rich for its health benefits. How ironic, then, that the health benefit of silver today is not related to the value of the metal but rather the cost of production! Yup. Now here’s some good advice

Some Good Advice

That being said, it is truly sage advice to recommend colloidal silver as a household item or even as a must-have item to take on a trip. This is because of the high efficacy of quality nano-product like silver hydrosol in cases of food poisoning like e.coli, Salmonella and others, as well as throat infection, conjunctivitis, itching and certain other skin problems. Acute cases of late stage disease may also be

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