The Amazing Water Purifying Solution: Black Mica Extract

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What is Black Mica Extract?


There is so much to say about Black Mica extract that it might be difficult to cover in one book, much less one article. While it is simple, its branches somehow extend to the the outer limits of known science. While its uses are debated, it is considered by many a miracle of modern science. The main thing proponents will tell you, though, is that with Black Mica Extract, you can turn the worst water into clean, pure drinking water. But that's not all. 

Also known as liquid biotite, Black Mica Extract is a water based solution which contains minerals extracted from the biotite rock (Black Mica). It uses the properties of the minerals in the rock to purify water by means of a phenomenon called electron exchange. It was developed by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Shimanishi, who was inspired by observations of natural phenomena, like a tree growing out of a rock. In North America, it is known by the brand name Adya Clarity, the company to which black mica extract is licensed in North America by Dr. Shimanishi's company, Themarox. The idea behind Black Mica Extract, however, found its fascinating roots in events that happened a long time before these commercial beginnings.


How Does Black Mica Extract Work?

Black Mica Extract, also known as Liquid Biotite Extract, Ionic Sulphate Minerals, Magnetic Sulphate Minerals, Themarox, Adya Clarity and probably others, purifies unclean water by removing toxic compounds through electron exchange, a principle of chemistry. For example, Chromium 6, the toxic pollutant made famous for tainting certain public water sources in the US in the movie Erin Brokovich, is amazingly converted into the essential human dietary nutrient Chromium 3 (Trivalent Chromium) by Black Mica Extract through electron exchange: In this case, the six electrons from the Hexavalent Chromium are rendered into three, making it Chromium 3, presumably leaving three electrons as part of the waste product created by the exchange. Since waste matter separation is a visible part of the chemical reactions that happen as a result of Black Mica Extract being added to polluted water, a neutral 'sludge' usually forms at the bottom of the container where the electron exchange, also known as flocculation, occurs. This neutral matter is best separated from the clean water as it is easily disturbed, and can make the water appear to have 'snowflakes' in it. There are a few ways this can be done, which will be discussed later in this article. Otherwise, the resulting clean water left over is mineral rich, highly oxygenated and considered to be crystalline in its molecular structure. This is also known as Structured Phase 4 Water, a pristine and highly desirable form of water, similar in nature to water from thermal water springs.


Health Benefits of Black Mica Extract


Because it is a powerful water purifier, Black Mica Extract has beneficial effects on the human body. The obvious reason for this is because the human body is mostly water, and having clean water running through it is important, otherwise illness or even death can occur. Moreover, the drinking of water that is purified with black mica extract (which itself is a 'primordial soup') causes a detoxification or purification to happen in the blood (as it does in water), and helps it attain a superior state. This is fundamentally the same technical reason that the relatively fresh lava rock of Hawaii is an unusually fertile bed for such a high number of species of plants and animals.


Is Black Mica Extract Considered Safe?

Black Mica Extract is licensed by the FDA in the US and by Health Canada under the name Adya Clarity and is considered safe for everyday use. There are no known side effects to using it to purify water as directed. There are even some who claim to have ingested the solution undiluted for therapeutic effect, without harm. Since the minerals of black mica are in a sulphate form, along with the new minerals the extract converts into, they are considered harmless or beneficial even in the case of aluminum or other potentially harmful compounds, as aluminum sulphate is not toxic like other forms of aluminum. In one study, test subjects with a high level of heavy metal contamination in their blood used the black micaextract, and averaged a 42% reduction in heavy metal deposits from their blood samples within 1 month.

Does Black Mica Have Any Side Effects?


Black Mica Extract, or as it's better known, Adya Clarity, does not have any known harmful side effects. The solution itself is slightly acidic, and tastes similar to lemon juice. When used to purify water, it is simply added to water in a very small dose and drinking it is considered beneficial. In cases where the water being purified is extremely polluted, a higher dose and longer wait times are recommended. Additionally, while it does purify water from almost all pollutants, in the case of deadly pollutants like E.Coli, it would be a good idea to add Colloidal Silver (which you can read about by clicking here), which is a more aggressive pathogenic killer to the water as well. Colloidal Silver is a cost effective solution which is a solid addition to the arsenal of anyone interested in survival techniques, alternative health therapies or other forms of water purification.

Are There Any Pollutants Which Black Mica Extract Does Not Remove From Water? 

While Black Mica Extract is able to remove all kinds of contaminants like

What Sort of Contaminants Could Be In My Drinking Water?

Fluoride: Linked to Bone Disease, Systemic Disorder, Down Syndrome, increased risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Bone Fractures, immune disorders, low intelligence, renal disorders, Alzheimers disease and allergic reactions. Fluoride has been shown to accumulate in the Pineal gland, is a neurotoxin and affects brain function. Studies: Fluoride deposition in human bones after prolonged ingestion of fluoride in drinking water:

Intellectual development in children:

Dangerous Heavy Metals: 

Lead: Used in water plumbing pipes for years and other residential products for years. Can contaminate water through corrosion of natural deposits, metal water plumbing pipes and taps, or old city pipes connected to houses. Still in many homes!

  • Linked to learning disabilities and behavioural problems in children

  • Drinking water contaminated with lead may lead to kidney problems and high blood pressure


  • May contaminate water through discharge from refineries and factories and runoff from landfills or croplands

  • Drinking water contaminated with mercury may cause kidney damage and a wide variety of health problems

  • Skin discolouration, loss of hair, teeth and nails. Rashes, muscle weakness, sensitivity to light.

  • Neuropsychiatric symptoms, memory loss, insomnia


  • May contaminate water naturally, or by runoff from orchards, electronic production waste

  • Linked to cancer of bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver and prostrate

  • Other effects include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, numbness in hands and feet and discolouration of skin

Industrial Chemicals​

  • Group of chemicals known as fuel oxygenates found in water supied to 12 million people includes MTBE, which is associated with liver and kidney damage and nervous system effects.

  • PCB's which are used in fire retardants, plasticizers, inks, lubricants, pesticide extenders and adhesives. Drinking water contaminated with PCB' has been linked to many health effects including immune deficiencies, Thymus Gland problems, reproductive and nervous system problems and cancer.

  • VOC's used to make products like fuel oils, gasoline, solvents, cleaners and degreasers, paints, inks, dyes, refrigerants and pesticides.

  • Most common VOC's in water are chlorinated solvents and fuel components.

  • Can soak into the ground and eventually end up in groundwater and drinking water supplies


Usually found in untreated water, bacteria such as E.Coli, Enterobacter Cloacae, Proteus Mirablis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Klebsiella Terrigena have all been found in drinking water and have caused Urinary Tract Infections, respiratory illnesses, pneumonia, skin infections, septic infections, ear and eye infections, blood infections and melamine poisoning and death

Hexavalent Chromium 6

  • Is a toxic heavy metal made famous by the Erin Brockovich movie

  • Can occur naturally

  • Has been known to contaminate water through leaks from industrial plants and hazardous waste sites.

  • Known carcinogen linked to various forms of Cancer.

  • Has been detected in the drinking water of 72 million Americans in 42 states.

Agricultural Chemicals

  • Among the leading causes of water pollution in North America today.

  • Often soak into the ground and eventually end up in groundwater and drinking water supplies

  • According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), 215,664,000 people in 46 US states have drinking water contaminated by 97 agricultural contaminants, including pesticides and fertilizer ingredients and 61% of those people have levels of at least one agricultural contaminant that are above government guidelines.

  •  Contaminants include: Atrazine, EPTC, Agent Orange ingredient 2,4-D, Simazine, Prometron, DDT, DDE, Chlorodane, Dieldrin, Diazinon, Benzene, BPA's, Phthalates and Glyphosate (Roundup) which have been linked to cardiovascular problems, nervous system damage, reproductive problems, cancer, cell damage, hormonal interference, blood problems, carcinogenicity, developmental problems, neurotoxicity, acute toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, neurological irregularities such as tremors and convulsions, Parkinson's, breast cancer, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, vision problems, nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, slow pulse, difficulty breathing, fainting, decreased blood platelets, endocrine disruption, and immune deficiency.

  • Fungicides including Chlorothalinol, which according to the USDA causes bees to be three times more likely to become infected with the parasite Nosema. Also 2-Phenylphenol which results in weight loss and anemia in animals, and Dichlorin, which is linked to nose, eye, throat, chest discomfort, nausea, vomiting and bladder irritation

Water Treatment By-Products

  • Chlorine: is one of the most widely used disinfectants. Can cause long term health effects because of by-products called trihalomethanes

  • Chloramine: is formed when Ammonia comes interacts with water containing free chlorine. Drinking can cause anemia, nose and eye irritation, stomach discomfort and other health issues.

  • THM's: By-products thst occur when disinfectants are added to water containing organic matter. Drinking can cause increased risk of Cancer and problems with central nervous system, liver and kidney disorders.


  • Can contaminate water supplies through sewage and fecal waste. Disinfection is difficult as certain microbes are exceedingly resistant to disinfection.


  • Viruses that have been found in waterways such as Poliovirus I and Rotavirus (Rotavirus causes more than half a million deaths each year in children 5 years and younger and is the leading cause of severe diarrhea in babies and young children worldwide.)


  • Giardia Lamblia, Crytosporidium are both very dangerous parasites that have high tolerance to chlorine, which causes more chlorine to be used in treated water, as well as a long life outside of hospitable environment due to outer shell


  • One investigation of 24 major U.S. cities found trace levels of pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers, hormones and OTC drugs in the drinking water of 46 million people in those cities.

  • It is estimated that 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals have been released into waterways that supply drinking water


Can I Treat Vaccine Injury With Black Mica Extract? 
Using Black Mica extract to treat side effects of vaccination toxicity is a valid remedy against the detrimental effects of vaccination.


Why this works: Black mica , or biotite, is a type of rock. In one study, test subjects with a high level of heavy metal contamination in their blood used the black micaextract, and averaged a 42% reduction in heavy metal deposits from their blood samples within 1 month. Even more powerful results occur when the extract comes in to contact with contaminated water, so blood cleansing, since blood is mostly water, seems like a logical progression: Also, since the primary function of liquid biotite is to purify water, and the majority of our bodies are made up of water, then it is reasonable to conclude that our entire bodies can be purified of harmful toxins, including those which cause the side-effects of vaccinations, namely mercury and aluminum, amongothers things as well.
Why it’s safe: Liquid Biotite is a safe solution that is licensed by the FDA and Health Canada. It is comprised of minerals derived from the black mica stone suspended in a solution of sulphuric acid diluted by distilled water. The acid content is less than the average fruit, so it’s not harmful in that way. The minerals that comprise that extract number about 100 when you include trace minerals, but as they are in their sulphate form, they are the bioavailable versions and/or harmless tohuman organism. These react with volatile bacteria, pathogens and chemicals and render them inert, leaving water in a pristine, primordial state. It is comparable to thermal water, which is high in Magnesium Sulfate, more commonly known as Epsom Salts.
How to use: Using the same way as directed on the bottlewill, as mentioned, lower the blood contamination levels of heavy metals and other toxins significantly. It is also possible to ingest liquid biotite in higher concentrations because it is not considered toxic by health authorities and it becomes diluted by the natural level of H2O in the body. Please proceed with this form of the therapy with careful consideration to progressively introduce it rather than going overboard by taking a lot right at the beginning. You will not want to drink too much of the substance and you will have a hard time drinking a lot as well because of it’s very sour flavour which is similar to lemon juice. To put it simply, you will not want more than you can handle.

This is a treatment that I don’t believe has been widely used before, at least not for Vaccination therapy. I believe this because I came with this treatment myself and have not heard anything about it in all my time studying it. It has been used for other things, and, just to convince you that it is safe, I have tried it for myself and for my daughter when she exhibited typical vaccination side effect symptoms when she was vaccinated without my knowing. I use it personally because of the principles mentioned above and I have consumed multiple times more than the suggested dosage to add to a gallon of water in one sitting and have experienced no side effects whatsoever

2. Fluoride detoxification: Liquid Biotite Extract can help to alleviate and repair the damage and side effects of fluoride damage caused by fluoride ingestion

A Fascinating Glimpse Into A Secret World